Payment and shipping clause 

All the orders are placed with us through all security and safety. Your order history you can check as it will get dispatched after 6 hours of placement. You can enter your personal details to know about your order. Here you need to make it happen because the order can be placed and also they involve can be sent to your mail address, therefore you have to get registered with us and enter your details correctly. You will be able to get delivered your parcel with experts and hence you can get the one with safety. Once you have received it you need to acknowledge it so that we get to know that you have received the parcel.

You will also get an authentication once the delivery person has delivered your product. At times it might be the case that you do not get your parcel so you can confirm to your nearest post office. Besides this, if you are unable to receive it within 6 weeks then the parcel is sent back to us.


Clauses Of Refund

There might be the case that you were in a need to get the refund of the parcel, in the case you have not got it or it might have been damaged. Yes, here you can see the possibility to get it damaged at the time of shipping. Here, in this case, Cure Villa will assist you with the refund of the parcel and reshipping of your order.

Also, you should note that you need to wait for about 30 days before taking any action, this will help you to clear towards your step. Make sure that the person who will get the refund in the case has received the wrong parcel. Also, the parcel should be unsealed and in good condition.


Reshipment Of The Order

Cure Villa will make sure that your order is reshipped in case you have got the wrong parcel or have been damaged.

The only condition is that the reshipment process should be followed within 8 days of the order placed, also you need to keep in mind that if you have crossed the date then you will be responsible for the loss, not the team.

Our team of experts takes the prior responsibility to make sure that the refund process goes smoothly and hence you need to corporate. Also, there are some key point which needs to be remembered are-

You should remember the date which needs to be taken forth for return.

There can be only some conditions where we can extend the return date to those of natural calamities.

You as a buyer need to keep in mind to send the report to us within 8 weeks of the actual delivery date.

While following all the points you can make a safe and easy return process.


Payments Of The Orders

With us you will be getting through a safe and secured way of payment, so you can make transactions online with different platforms. The details you will be mentioning will be saved in an encrypted form and hence all of those will be safe. You can use your credit card, debit card, PayPal, American Express card. to complete your transaction online. The payment is made with the payment gateway of the website which is safe and secured. You can also make use of it 24×7 to bring back your medicines at home anytime.


Cancellation Policy

We make sure to serve you in the finest way we can, there can be many queries of yours or problems where you need help and most importantly towards your cancellation process. Here our customer support is ready to help you 24×7. To get through the stage you need to go through the below-mentioned points.

Your order can be canceled in the case where you want to go for the product but it is not available.

You need to have a strong reason to cancel the order which we could take up and ending the order.

All the orders you can place are only through our Cure Villa website so you need to pay before and then your order will be dispatched.

In case if you have any query then our customer support will be supportive of you and resolve all of your queries.

If you think we need to be maintained more or any improvements can be done in that case you can give us the feedback.



Our main motive is to serve the client according to their requirement so that they can be benefited from health. You will get the best of all products from us. If you have got the product you have not ordered or damaged then it is our responsibility to get it sorted and refund your money.

In another case, if there is a delay in the order then we inform you with the help of mail or by calling so you can be informed about your parcel status.

We have been able to support every customer of ours and also we will make the process go on and serve you with the best.