Are the medicine is safe for consumption?

Yes, these drugs are the safest ones, many think to acquire the branded one despite generic but they are costly so it is better to go for generic as they have a proven track record.

How can I purchase drugs without a prescription?

You can easily purchase the ED medicines and those of other health with Cure Villa as we have been dealing in offering the safest and FDA approved medicines.

Which countries are most likely to get the benefits of generic medicines?

There are many countries like those of the United States, UK, France which have been towards purchasing the medicine, but it has extended to those of India as well.

What is the actual date of expiry of the medicine I will purchase?

According to the standard policy the medicine which is being delivered will hold the expiry of 6 months so you can use them without worrying.

How long will medicine take my place to arrive?

The usual time which is taken to complete your order is around 10-14 business days. Besides this, it might be the case that your parcel can be delayed in that case you can connect with our customer support to know the status.

How can I track my order for medicines online?

You can get the complete tracking of your order with the helping of the tracking number which is being offered to you after placing the order.

In case you have a lot the number then you can mail to the company asking for the recovery number and later you can begin with your tracking process.

Once an order is placed can I cancel it later?

You can only cancel your order if it has not been dispatched so here you can cancel your order and with the payment of cancellation charges. In the other case, your order cannot be canceled.

What can I do if I have received the wrong parcel of the medicines?

You can immediately contact us so that we can look for a replacement. You can be asked to complete few questions, it is a simple procedure to return the parcel and get a new one.

Once you have done then you will be able to get the new parcel of your medicines as soon as possible.

I have entered the wrong mail address how can I correct it?

It might be the case that you can enter the wrong mail address, so here you need to again repeat the registration process.


  1. Why I am unable to pay with my card since I have done the previous transaction online?

It might the case that you are unable to proceed with your transaction due to wrong pin or attempts. You can check towards your card or online details and proceed as we have a lot many options for online payment.