Super P Force (Sildenafil/Dapoxetine)

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Erectile Dysfunction


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Super P Force (Sildenafil/Dapoxetine) - 100mg/60mg

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Erectile Dysfunction is the scientific name of men’s impotence. In simple and colloquial language, you can define it as a health condition where people lose their sexual interest and can’t maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. Many people lose their sexual ability after short sexual intercourse, and they are afraid of it.. The name of this health condition is Erectile Dysfunction or ED. There is a lot of medicine in the market, which can easily solve this problem. Super p force is one of the best medicines in treating the ED or impotence that many doctors prefer and prescribe.

Description of Super p force

Manufactured by an Indian company, Super P Force is a highly effective drug for treating ED. It is usually used to improve the stability of erection and prolong sexual performance in bed and allow your partner to achieve the best orgasm during intercourse.  

Composition and dosage form Super p force

Super p force is made with two effective components- first, sildenafil in the amount of 100 mg and dapoxetine in a dose of 60 mg. it is a powerful ED drug. The purpose of which is to start treatment of several sex-related problems from the first pill. It is available in different forms, including oral jelly, triangular shape tablets with rounded edges. Ten greenish pills are available in one pack, which comes with film coating, as it is the best way to all chemical and physical properties.  

How to take Super-P Force?

According to the doctor’s prescription, the drug is taken at least 45 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse for getting the best result.

What should Super-P Force?

The physician recommends the the tablets to take in about 160 milligrams. It is a standard dose. It should be taken one pill once a day, not more than that. If you suspect you have taken the drug overdose, you need to seek emergency medical help immediately.

Plenty of water helps to wash away the bad effects of the medicine. Alcohol and excess tobacco consumption should be avoides during medication.

The pharmacological action of Super p force

The pharmacological action of this is based on two active ingredients. The first component, sildenafil, is involved with PDE-5 enzyme inhibitors. As a result of its ingestion in the human body, nitric oxide excretion is accelerates, making the hollow muscles of the penis stronger and eradication easily maintained. These all are extremely necessary for a stable erection.

The second component of this drug is Dapoxetine that is an inhibitor of serotonin reuptake. After ingestion in the body, it helps to return the neurotransmitters to the blood, resulting in longer ejaculation time and longer prolonging sexual intimacy.

Super p force Reception Method

At the beginning of the courses, the doctor usually prescribes half the dosage; gradually the dose is increases according to the needs of the body. These drugs are prohibites to exceed the maximum daily amount independently. You can increase doses only after consulting your physician.

What precautions should be taken in Super-P Force?

  • Super P-Force is designing for those men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction and also premature ejaculations. Remember, it is not for women as it can create a severe effect on their life.
  • If you are already taking this drug and the doctor wants to prescribe any new drug, immediately inform the doctor.
  • These drugs can weaken thinking power or reaction power and also can lower blood pressure.
  • The men who are already taking the nitrate medication should avoid taking the Super P-Force.
  • During this medicine, consumption of alcohol and smoking should be completely prohibites as it can create specific adverse and severe effects on the patient.
  • You should avoid the tablets if you prefer to take extreme consumption of fatty foods. So during this medicine, you need to avoid these foods.

Indications super p force

The It is prescribes for those males who:

  • faced with the problem of impotence or erectile dysfunction during the sexual performance
  • lost of sexual ability in bed
  • mild erection due to the severe or chronic diseases
  • suffering from premature ejaculation

Contraindications Super p force

It is a comparatively safe medicine that most doctors prefer to prescribe to their patients. However, in some cases, there are contraindications about the product, especially:

  • People under age up to 18 years cannot use this product
  • Individuals who have an allergy to a different component cannot use this product
  • Individuals who have high and low blood pressure; cannot use this product
  • Individuals who have diagnosis with the problems like diabetes, stroke, a heart attack cannot use this product
  • Individuals who have diagnosis stomach ulcer cannot use this product
  • Individuals who are suffering from pathology and deformation of the penis cannot use this product
  • Individuals who have problem kidneys, heart, liver, and blood vessels cannot use this product

Side Effects of Super p force

Sometimes the use of the may cause some side effects: these are 

  • Headache
  • back pain
  • dizziness,
  • nausea,
  • Heaviness in the stomach.

These are not life-threatening, and the problem goes away shortly after the activity of the product is finished. If you feel anything serious, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.


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