Tadalafil vs Sildenafil: Which ED medication is better?

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

  • Erectile Dysfunction is a sexual problem that lacks erection during intercourse. Mainly it will affect men during sex.
  • It may cause due to psychological conditions also which are stress, depression, lack of sleep, even misunderstanding between partners.
  • If you have it mentally then you should talk to a counselor before it goes so far. Other than mental conditions some physical conditions also leads to Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Physical conditions like smoking, drinking, drugs, cholesterol, High blood pressure, diabetes, body weight, etc. We can cure some issues like body weight, drugs, drinking, smoking, etc.
  • Otherwise, consult a Doctor before it becomes a serious one. There are some natural ways to reverse Erectile Dysfunction physically and also mentally.
  • For mental issues counseling sessions to couples, getting good sleep will help, if an individual has problems they should see a doctor and talk about it and don’t feel embarrassed because it’s really sensitive because in this world 76% of men have these issues and it is common.
  • Most problems will also be reversed. Mostly ED affects on aged people but nowadays because of worst lifestyle it is causing for 25 years old men also.

Some common and Natural ways to cure Erectile Dysfunction

  • Having a healthy and clean diet can help you to reverse your ED and will lead you to have good sexual health.
  • Quit smoking, yes! You are right to quit smoking because it not only create ED it also causes cancer and many diseases.
  • Stop drinking alcohol because it will affect your sexual as well as your mental, psychological health, and also it will affect your relationship. That’s why most divorce cases are because of drinking alcohol.
  • Say no to drugs, just like smoking and alcohol, any kind of drug is not good for your relationship. These drugs are not only affecting physically and also psychologically. That’s why avoid drugs to have a healthy and good relationship
  • Include food items like fish, red meat, whole grains, especially Red ginseng and pomegranate that will reduce the effect of ED naturally if you are looking for a natural remedy try these fruits which will help you to improve your sexual capacity.
  • Meditate regularly which will calm your mind and it will reduce all your mental stress, depression and make your mind in a relaxed state.
  • Communication is key to communicate with your partner so the misunderstanding between you and your partner can be solved (maybe that’s the only problem for you).
  • If you have a high body weight that will also create a problem for your sexual life and also it’s not good for your health. So try to reduce your weight for better results.
  • Watermelon can naturally increase blood flow because it has amino acids.

Medications available for Erectile Dysfunction

Yes! It is reversible but your age, medical history matters. Certain ways help you in ED and make your sexual life awesome. Following methods can be used for ED.


Vidalista 10 mg  will increase blood flow in your penis and increase erection. It will be available in drug stores, online medical stores, etc. It also treats the following disease:

  • Erectile Dysfunctioning
  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
  • Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Tadalista 40

Tadalista 40 is a drug used for ED, it contains Tadalafil that will treat ED and it should take orally, use with the proper advice of the Doctor. It can take before or after a meal. Know about How often should you take Tadalista 40?

Cenforce Professional

  • Cenforce Professional is sildenafil citrate. Know how long does sildenafil lasts? It is a powerful medicine that will stimulate your erection and make your sexual performance awesome. It also increases blood flow in the penis and lasts for four hours.

Cenforce D

  • Age between 18 to 64 can use this medicine. It will improve your ejaculation time.

Tadalafil vs Sildenafil, which one is better?

Tadalafil and sildenafil are commonly used in ED but there are some common differences in both medicines. Both medicines are very effective to stimulate your sexual desire.

  • Tadalafil will work so faster when you compare it to Sildenafil. Tadalafil can work within 15 minutes but Sildenafil will work after 30 minutes. Comparing to Sildenafil, Tadalafil can work faster. Another version of Tadalafil is available which can work full day also.
  • Tadalafil can last for 36 hours approximately but Sildenafil can only last for 4 to 6 hours. Tadalafil can work effectively than sildenafil. And its result is good.
  • Tadalafil can be consumed with food or without food but Sildenafil should be consumed on empty stomach then only it will affect more.
  • When you compare to price both are approximately the same. In such a case, you should decide by comparing products, performance, time duration, and also side effects.
  • The common thing is you should not eat without a doctor’s prescription and overdose also cause heavy bad effects in your body.
  • Following are some side effects that affect your body because of these medications:
  1. Headache is common for both medications.
  2. Heart attack
  3. Chest pain
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Vision problem
  6. Swelling
  7. Body pain

If you have any medical problems before you should discuss this with the doctor before asking for these medications. Because if you have any previous health issues and you are taking these medications it will cause serious problems in your body. With serious medical conditions better avoid this kind of medicine for your safety.

When we are comparing Tadalafil Vs Sildenafil, Tadalafil will be better than Sildenafile because Tadalafil and Sildenafil is the same price but when you compare other things like performance & time duration Tadafill is better than Sildenafil.

But when we are analyzing side effects both have many side effects. Use these medications one who needed it. Before using any of these kinds of medications take the doctor’s advice and also follow a healthy lifestyle. If you are under age this kind of medicine is not advisable for you.

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