Simple Trick To Cure ED

Simple trick to cure ED

Commonly known as impotence, erectile dysfunction or ED is the inability to maintain the erection during sexual performance. So penetration can be harder during sex. Other symptoms of this sexual disorder are losing interest in sex; erection does not stay long enough for completion of the sexual performance. This problem has a significant impact on our sex life.

During the hectic lifestyle or stress, most men of different ages experience ED. After removing the stress, it can be cured. But sometimes it can recur, at that time you need the help of medical attention.

The erection might occur due to increased blood flow, to your penis, stressors, emotions, or nerve damage. Though Erectile Dysfunction is an age-related problem but can occur at any age, nowadays. There some easy ways to cure this sexual disorder, which you can do at your home at any time.


Harvard study states on a report that only 30 minutes of walking can remove the ED from you. As per the report, it may help reduce the risks of ED by about 41%. Almost all research says that walking helps reduce ED as well as restore the sexual function of obese people.

Eat right:

As per the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, taking nutrition-rich food like fruit, whole grains, fish, processed meat, vegetables refined grains, may decrease the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Actually, these substances help to restore the losing interest in sex.

Sufficient amount of workout:

If you do a proper workout every day it may make wonder. It increases the proper blood flow for arousal. Aerobic exercise works best for maintaining the cardiovascular system in shape. Proper weight might be the key factor in curing erectile dysfunction. studies show that men suffering from obesity have a 50% greater chance of experiencing erectile dysfunction.

Limiting Alcohol:

It is true that one drink may help to put you in the mood. If you are suffering from ED, excessive consumption of alcohol can dampen your spirits very quickly. So you should remember it during the drinking. Actually, Alcohol can make the central nervous system dull, it reflexes your sexual ability. If you drink more, your body cannot feel, respond and perform properly. Over drinking Alcohol can damage the liver that increases estrogen production in the body. So cutting back on your drinking habit will be able to boost the enjoyment in bed.

Pay attention to your vascular health

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, high sugar, high triglycerides can damage the arteries of the heart and help to store the fat on the heart and it also leads to Erectile Dysfunction. Visit your doctor, if you identify any problem in your vascular system. So if you want your entire organ in proper shape along with your penis during sex you need to change your lifestyle.

Quitting Smoking:

We all know smoking is injurious to health. So it can contribute to vascular disease that mainly affects the blood flow to the sexual organ like penis. To achieve the maximum blood flow on that part of the body, you need to quit smoking. Some time smoking leads to the loss of interest in sex. So, quit smoking helps you to more enjoyment in bed.

Get slim and stay slim

The trim waistline always helps to defense. As per research, there is a 50% chance to get erectile dysfunction for a fat man than a thin man with a 32-inch waist. Obesity is one of the prime reasons for erectile dysfunction. So losing weight can allow you to fight this sexual disorder. So obtaining a healthy weight and staying slim is a good strategy for fixing ED or other sexual problem. Not only that, obesity raises the risks of vascular disease, kidney problem, liver problems, diabetes.

Try Kegel exercises with lifestyle changes

The strong pelvic floor always enhances the rigidity during erections. It also helps to keep blood flow in the penis by pressing the main vein. Twice sets of Kegel exercises daily combined with lifestyle changes including quitting alcohol consumption, quitting smoking, losing weight works better than only lifestyle changes in erection dysfunction.


Ginseng now becomes popular as the herbal Viagra. According to several studies, taking a minimum of 600-1000 milligrams of Ginseng thrice daily is a highly effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, impotence, or other sexual disorder. “Red ginseng” is more effective than it is steamed and dried of any root. If you are taking any type of medication for ED, you have to consult your doctor before trying this “Red ginseng”, because you are not sure that it can any negative impact or not.


Naturally present in the body, the amino acid L-arginine helps to produce nitric oxide in the body. It can relax blood vessels, so erection may occur very easily. If you take 5 grams of L-arginine per day, it can make wonder in treating the ED. Sometimes it can decrease your blood pressure. So consult your doctor before starting an L-arginine regimen. Normally you don’t have an idea that this supplement can make any negative effect on your body or not.

Good Conversation:

One of the effective sex tips for dealing with impotence or erectile dysfunction is conversing with your partner regular basis. A candid conversation with a partner can provide you great relief from anxiety or stress from your hectic life. It also helps you to create a supportive environment for reliving from ED.  Sometimes, it can make wonders having conversations about sex with a partner in your bedroom. You need to clear about the changes in your body. You have to converse about physical intimacy and love than sexual activity. It may wonder in your sexual performance.

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